The Now We’re Talking campaign brings together local partners across Herefordshire and Worcestershire to raise awareness of mental health support, from tips to maintain good mental health, support if you’re feeling stresses, anxious or depressed, to urgent help in a crisis.

In opening the conversation about mental health and wellbeing, and the importance of reaching out for help when you need it, the campaign hopes to also reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Anyone can experience feeling low, anxious, worried or depressed, and it is completely normal, but it is also important to reach out for support when it starts to impact what we do and who we are.

You can also download digital and printable resources.

Looking after your wellbeing

Self-help guides

The NHS have produced a range of self-help guides that can be viewed as a PDF or an audio version. To view the guides please visit the self-help guides bookshelf (opens in new window).

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Wellbeing and Recovery College

Courses and workshops to give people the tools, skills and understanding that they need to support their mental health and wellbeing. Visit the Recovery College website to find out more. 

Relaxation techniques

Exploring relaxation can help you look after yourself when you're feeling stressed or worried. Why not try these relaxation routines and see how relaxation can fit into your daily life? Listen to the audio guides here. 

SilverCloud online therapy

SilverCloud courses are designed to help you improve and maintain your wellbeing by changing the way you think and feel about things. There are several free courses to pick from including positive body image, panic, depression, anxiety, stress and many more. Find out more about SilverCloud.

Every Mind Matters

Expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Visit the Every Mind Matters website. 

Worcestershire Community Services Directory (if you live in Worcestershire)

The Worcestershire Community Services Directory sets out all of the local information, advice, tools, guidance and local support available for people in Worcestershire.

Talk Community (if you live in Herefordshire)

Talk Community is a website detailing the services, groups, community hubs, events, and information available to people in Herefordshire.


Podcasts can be a really good way of relaxing the mind, listen to features, interviews and a number of people involved in mental health, including people have experience mental health difficulties, campaigners and mental health experts. To find out more visit the podcast resources page.

Access local mental health and wellbeing support

NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Talking Therapies

The NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Talking Therapies team are trained and experienced in supporting a wide range of more common mental health issues. Mostly this involves ‘talking therapy’ approaches. Talking therapy could involve group discussion, or more traditional 1:1 sessions. We also provide online courses and employment support which the team can guide you through. To find out more about the service and self-refer visit the service webpage.


Visit your GP practice team to discuss the best options for you, including access to specialist services.

Urgent mental health support and advice in a crisis

Whether you experience a sudden deterioration of an existing mental health problem or are experiencing problems for the first time, you may need immediate expert support to identify the best course of action to help you.

If you are already being supported by Mental Health Services in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, you should try and speak to your usual team before contacting the urgent helpline, unless it’s outside of core hours, a weekend or bank holiday.

If you are not currently in contact with any mental health services you can phone the mental health helpline for urgent advice.

0808 196 9127

(free phone 24 hrs a day 365 days a year)

If you are  deaf or hard of hearing and experiencing a mental health crisis  you can access support from the Herefordshire and Worcestershire 24 hour mental health service by contacting  NHS 111 via Relay UK.

The team will offer advice, support and, if required, an assessment to understand how you are feeling. When calling the number, you can expect to speak to Mental Health Advisors and/or trained Mental Health Clinicians who will be able to listen to your concerns and help make appropriate plans with you to support you.

If you are unsure what to do, staff on this number will be able to guide you to the appropriate choice.

Call 999 or go to A&E now if:

  • Yours or someone’s life is at risk – for example, they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose
  • You do not feel you can keep yourself or someone else safe

If you just need to talk, any time of day or night

These services offer confidential advice from trained volunteers. You can talk about anything that's troubling you, no matter how difficult:

Alternative local support

  • Worcestershire Safe Haven provides telephone support and face-to-face appointments to Worcestershire residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Call 01905 600400 any day of the week between 6pm and midnight for support and signposting.
  • Herefordshire Mind Safe Haven if you find yourself in crisis or need urgent support with your mental health, the Safe Haven is a safe and friendly place that you can come and access mental health support and advice.The Safe Haven telephone and email support service is available every evening, 7 days a week, from 5pm to 10pm; call 01432 372407 or email

National support

  • National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK offers a supportive listening service to anyone with thoughts of suicide. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK on 0800 689 5652 (open 24/7).
  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). You can call the CALM on 0800 58 58 58 (5pm–midnight every day) if you are struggling and need to talk. Or if you prefer not to speak on the phone, you could try the CALM webchat service.
  • Papyrus HOPELINEUK if you're under 35 and struggling with suicidal feelings, or concerned about a young person who might be struggling, you can call Papyrus HOPELINEUK on 0800 068 4141 (weekdays 10am-10pm, weekends 2pm-10pm and bank holidays 2pm–10pm), email or text 07786 209 697.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing and experiencing a mental health crisis contact the SignHealth Text Crisis service, by texting DEAF to 85258 for free and immediate support. If yours, or someone else’s life is in immediate danger for example, they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose, or you do not feel you can keep yourself or someone else safe you can contact 999 by using the Relay UK service . The service is provided for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired as an alternative option for contacting an emergency service.

Other support

Mental health and wellbeing

  • Herefordshire Mind — Herefordshire Mind provides a range of support and interventions for people experiencing mental health difficulties, this includes the Safe Haven crisis service, counselling, community activities, link workers and community support. Find out more about their services and how to access support on their website.
  • South Warwickshire and Worcestershire Mind — South Warwickshire and Worcestershire Mind provides a range of mental health services across the region. These range from an crisis and regular telephone support, to outdoor gardening activities and group sessions for better mental health. For more information, visit their website.
  • The CLD Trust (Herefordshire) — Provides counselling and other talking therapies to children, young people (from the age of 9) and some adults. Find out more on their website.
  • The Cart Shed (Herefordshire) — Activities such as woodwork, coppicing, gardening and cooking can all support wellbeing and emotional health. A non-clinical setting helping individuals address and overcome issues they may be finding difficult to self-manage. To find out more visit the Cart Shed website.
  • Men’s Sheds — Men's Sheds are local spaces for men to connect, make friends and enjoy activities. There are groups across Worcestershire. Please visit  Men’s Sheds website to find out more. 
  • Simply Limitless (Worcestershire) — The charity provides support to people of all ages in the community with their mental, social and physical health. Visit their website to view their latest courses and workshops.
  • Active — An independent organisation providing sports and activities designed to support the wellbeing of people across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Visit their website to see whats available in your local area.
  • Farming Community Network - A national helpline for farmers that offers a chance to talk to someone who understands the challenges. Call 03000 111 999 between 7am and 11pm daily for help with stress, depression, alcohol or drug dependency, isolation or other worries. Find out more on the Farming Community Network website.

Families and relationships

  • Onside Advocacy — Onside provides a range of support and services to ensure fairness and equality for adults who may be vulnerable, disadvantaged or discriminated against. This includes mental and physical ill health, sensory impairment, learning disability, drug and alcohol misuse, older people, and carers.  
  • West Mercia Women’s Aid — WMWA offers a range of specialist support including refuge, services for children, young people and men and tailored recovery programmes for people experiencing domestic abuse. For more information visit their website .
  • Relate — Relate provides relationship counselling for couples, families and young people in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. To access support visit their website.
  • Worcestershire Association of Carers — WAC provides a range of services for carers and families of people in Worcestershire. This includes person-centred support for carers, training and information sessions and emergency planning and Carers Emergency Cards. For information on how to access support from WAC, visit their website.

Substance misuse and gambling

  • NHS West Midlands Gambling Harms Clinic — Aalso known as the Midlands Gambling Clinic provides free, specialist addiction therapies, treatment and recovery to those affected by gambling addiction and gambling problems. Visit the NHS West Midlands Gambling Harms Clinic website for more information.
  • Cranstoun (Worcestershire) — Works to support those over 18 that are struggling with their alcohol or drug intake. The service also offers advice, support and guidance for family members and friends to cope with someone else’s substance use through the Family Support Service.
  • Turning Point (Herefordshire) — Turning Point is an integrated substance misuse service providing free and confidential support for adults and young people around their use of alcohol and other drugs. Turning Point also offers support to families and carers affected by the alcohol or drug use of someone else.

National support

  • Silver Line — The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and support to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 
  • Hub of Hope — The UK’s leading mental health support database. It is provided by national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, and brings local, national, peer, community, charity, private and NHS mental health support and services together in one place for the first time. 
  • DadPad — As a new dad you will feel excited, but you may also feel left out, unsure or overwhelmed. The DadPad can help by giving you the knowledge and practical skills that you need.  The resource will support you and your partner to give your baby the best possible start in life. 


Someone you know will have a mental health problem right now – a family member, your friend, your workmate. He or she just might not know how to tell you. 

Being open to mental health can break down any stigma surrounding it. You don’t have to be an expert to talk and to listen, and often it’s the little things that make a big difference.

A car enthusiast who has experienced depression has set up a support network for like-minded people. Dan Pendry-Moore, from Bromsgrove, hopes Sad Boi Race Club will help fight a mental health stigma among men. The 32-year-old said his story was "very typical of most men" who "bottle up" feelings.


Over the last three years the Now We’re Talking campaign has received a fantastic amount of support from a number of organisations and individuals.

We have been encouraging organisations and businesses across Herefordshire and Worcestershire to spread the message to their staff and customers. Between us we can help address the stigma wrongly attached to mental health, and to keep more people feeling well, healthy and positive.

Here are just a few of our supporters!

Joe Batley - Worcester Warriors

Joe Batley

I am pleased to be supporting the Now We’re Talking campaign. We are in really strange times at the moment, and I would urge anyone struggling to get support. It’s really important to reach out and ask for help

Paul Cheshire, West Mercia Police

Paul Cheshire

Mental health is a hidden illness, and will remain so unless we are willing to talk about it

Jon Laight, H & W Fire & Rescue service

Jon Laight

Good mental health and well-being is just as important as eating well and keeping fit.  When I recognise my stress levels are rising, I talk to friends, family and colleagues and use mindfulness to reset and refresh

Ed Chamberlin, ITV Presenter

Ed Chamberlin

I’m pleased to be supporting the Now We’re Talking Mental health campaign, everybody has mental health and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, just having a conversation with a friend or family member can make such a difference, it’s ok not to be ok!

Rishi Persad, ITV Presenter

Image of Rishi Persad

As we all know this year has been incredibly challenging for everyone. I am certain that almost all of us have had moments of worry and concern, but it’s vital to know that you are not alone. No matter who you are or what you are dealing with, we all need someone to listen and to know that there is someone wanting to know how you feel and someone that cares. That’s why I am fully behind the Now We’re Talking campaign which encourages people to reach out to Healthy Minds where you can get the support you need to help with whatever you are dealing with

Steve Goode, Chairman Worcester City Football

Steve Goode

In the sporting community it is so important that athletes share problems not only with their physical health but also their mental health. As a community we not only support our local team but individuals who sometimes just need a shoulder to lean on. If you feel overwhelmed with emotion or have health issue that is bothering you, please talk to someone. I was always told, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Now We're Talking Partners